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Helping Young Minds Flourish with PJs, Books, & Blankets

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How often do we use “security blanket” to describe afamiliar object that protects us against anxiety?For a child, the sense of security a blanket provides is very real.... It isn’t simply a piece of cloth that provides warmth on a chilly night—it’s a source of comfort and protection from a world that’s often chaotic and confusing.With a blanket, a child can create a fort, a tent, a personal space that provides privacy and refuge from anxiety and worries.Crawling up under the covers with their favorite children’s books is the perfect way for kids to escape into safe worlds of their own creation, allowing their imaginations to carry them away to peaceful, magical places that ease into dreamscapes of restful slumber. When kids are able to get peaceful, undisturbed rest, they can wake up refreshed, eager to embrace the freedom to imagine, learn, discover, and explore a world of opportunities to express their creativity and unique personalities. With your donation, you’ll be helping us provide children with soft, warm blanketsthat swaddle them in safety, security, and comfort, allowing them to get the resttheir minds and bodies need to grow and thrive.


Kids thrive on routines, from story time to playtime to bedtime. Regular routines give kids a sense of security and comfort, which is especially important when it’s time for bed.... Bedtime rituals help kids set aside the problems and worries of the day and prepare them for the relaxed, peacefulsleep their brains and bodies need so they can stay healthy and happy. Consistent bedtime routines help kidsfall asleep and rest well so they can wake up in the morning refreshed and enthusiastic about what the new day will bring.
Taking a bath, brushing teeth, changing into pajamas, and reading bedtime stories with Mom or Dad are important parts of a healthy bedtime routine. When a child slips into comfy pjs, his or her mind gets the cue that playtime is over and it’s time to start winding down. By helping us provide kids with new sets of pajamas, you’ll be helpingchildrenfall in love with bedtime so they can enjoy the high-quality rest they need and deserve.


Few things give children greater comfort, safety, and peace than snuggling up in bed and reading about fantastical worlds or sharing beloved bedtime stories with their ...parents. Books, stories, and the parent-child bond that’s nurtured by sharing story time together provide kids with refuge from stress and anxiety in an ever-changing, chaotic world full of uncertainty.
Reading and stories open a child’s mind to infinite possibilities. When they have books to read, kids develop a natural desire for knowledgethat allows their imaginations to flourish. Reading promotes empathy, inspires curiosity, cultivates communication and social skills, and sparks a lifelong love of learning. Books and stories give children the tools they need to understand themselves and what it means to be truly human, to live a life with meaning, coherence, and soul. With books, children learn about people, places, and things that are vastly different from their own experiences, and their minds and spirits grow, expand, and aspire for more.
When children have access to books they enjoy, they read. It really is that simple, and it’s behind everything we do at Pajamas & Books. We understand how crucial it is for kids to develop a love of books and reading early in their lives.When you help us fill the lives of children around the globe with the joy of new books, you’ll be changing their lives forever.

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Helping Young Minds Flourish with PJs, Books, & Blankets

A child, nestled in comfy PJs, snuggles up under a soft, warm blanket and sinks into the reassuring tones of a parent’s voice. They’re reading one of their favorite bedtime stories together. For a few blissful moments at the end of the day, the outside world no longer exists. Tales of mythical creatures and faraway places float away into peaceful, dreamy slumber. This child’s mind and spirit will rest well tonight.

When children go to sleep at night feeling anxious and uncertain about what the next day will bring, their brains aren’t able to get the essential rest they need to learn, explore, imagine, and allow their creativity to flourish. But when they have warm blankets, new pajamas, and children’s books to read, they’re able to fall asleep feeling safe, swaddled in comfort and peace, so they can wake up in the morning excited to explore the potential magic of a brand-new day. This is what you’ll provide when you join us on our mission. Our vision is to give families valuable tools to break the cycle of childhood emotional neglect that harms both children and their parents. With deceptively simple items—free books, pajamas, and blankets—you can help us dramatically improve the quality of life for children and their parents by celebrating and supporting the parent-child bond through storytelling and accessibility to comfort in every child’s personal space.

Why the Name “Pajamas and Books”?

With all that's going on in the world and their parents’ lives, children can sometimes get lost in the chaos, which often makes them feel anxious or forgotten. When parents are unable to respond adequately to their children’s emotional needs, this is termed childhood emotional neglect, and it takes a heavy toll on children’s brain development, physical health, emotional wellbeing, and ability to learn. In order to thrive, children need spaces where they feel safe—safe to rest, play, dream, and imagine. “Pajamas” and “Books” represent the two most essential components of safe personal spaces for kids: freedom from fear and stress through rest and comfort, and freedom to explore their imaginations through learning. Our mission is to support the critical parent-child bond by focusing on the incredibly powerful impact of storytelling and providing children with the means to create their own personal spaces—peaceful retreats where they can express their personalities, exercise their minds, and explore their dreams without limitation.